Saturday, July 28, 2012

First Post


My name is Tom Lipton and this is the first blog I have ever created and this is the very first post. A little background on me to put the flavor of the blog in perspective. I'm a lifetime metal worker and machine designer. For me my passion for metalworking all started when I was nine years old with a welding helmet and a musty leather jacket.

A few years ago I wrote a book about my experiences in the metalworking trades Sink Or Swim Book that has been successful enough that I'm encouraged to write another one. I want the flavor and layout of my second book to distinctly different and better. This blog hopefully will help test drive some ideas and provide some dynamic feedback from readers to make the book better.

So bear with me for a few posts until an old geezer figures out how to get this thing formatted and looking like something. If your interested in metalworking of any type, mechanical devices, machinery old and new, scientific equipment of epic proportions, sculpture, or just like working with your hands. Stick around.

Thanks for looking.


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